• Design & Engineering


    GSA has the engineering know-how and technical expertise that makes possible to offer to the proper clients a large "gamma" of technical solutions to improve energy facilities performance.

    Through its experience GSA offers full support in all High, Medium & Low Voltage projects. Our knowledge and practice ensure to our customers practical solutions for their power project needs.

    GSA offers full design, engineering, supply, installation, project management, testing and assistance for:

    • Power Supply Projects
    • Traditional Substations & GIS Technology Substations
    • Power Control Systems
    • Metering Systems
    • System Automation Projects
    • Energy Service Projects
  • Power Equipment Supply


    Many of our equipments include:

    • Single and three phase meters for the electricity measurement.
    • More than 40% of meters installed in Albania are supplied by GSA.
    • HV equipment
    • HV/MV/LV transformation points
    • HV/MV/LV oil immersed transformers
    • HV insulators, MV & LV cables and other electrical materials
    • Control panels
    • Machineries, equipment and materials for general use

    GSA can provide all kind of electric and electronic equipments adequate to your business needs.

    We offer, as well, a large gamma of industrial products as:

    • Pump plant and irrigation pump
    • Voltage stabilisers, UPS
    • Environmental monitoring systems and equipment for air, water and gas quality, instruments and equipment for hydrometeorology
    • Machineries and equipment systems for the industry and local economy in general
    • Machineries and equipment for airport services
    • Truck weighting systems and industrial weighting system
  • Project Managing


    We offer practical solutions, project management and engineering assistance for your power projects in:

    • Design and Engineering
    • Project Evaluation
    • Power Equipments Supply
    • Installation & Direct monitoring
    • Quality & Safety Control
    • Application of New Technologies
    • Testing
    • Commissioning
  • Services


    In GSA you can find your partner for Assistance, Installation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation and of substations and electric systems:

    • Substations & GIS technology
    • Metering systems
    • Process Automation systems
    • Control panels
    • Transformation points
    • Transmission grid
    • Industrial electrical plants
    • Replacement of primary HV/MV equipments
    • Plant engineering
  • Our Projects


    From our long list of realized projects we are mentioning:

    Power Trading

    • Purchase and Supply of Electrical Energy for different companies: ACR (Albanian Chrome), CEZ Trade Albania, KESH (Albanian Power Corporation)

    Power Projects

    • In August 2010 GSA set in operative mode the first GIS Technology Substation in Albania. This Turn-key Project, realized in Elbasan was studied designed, projected and realized in each detail by GSA Ltd Design & Engineering team.
    • Turn-key project for replace of primary equipments in many 220/110 kV S/stations (Tirana, Fier, Burrel and Elbasan 1).
    • Turn-key projects for Energy Measurement System in Power Transmission Grid.
    • Turn-key project for Automation of measuring systems of tank farms in PORTO ROMANO OIL Company.
    • Supply and renewing of stator coils of generators at Fierza and Vau Dejes HPP.

    Supply of Power Equipment

    • HV, MV & LV power equipment
    • Power transformers
    • MV & LV Cables
    • Meters, collective meter boxes, individual meter boxes and accessories

    Supplied companies are KESH, OST and OSSH.