Power Supply

Since 2003, after the first step done for the liberalization of power market in Albania, GSA was licensed as a Trader and a Qualified Supplier of electrical energy. Through years we gained experience in power supply and established relations with national and international companies.

Procurement of energy, especially in times of volatile wholesale prices is very important and requires strong analytical skills and diversified flexible strategies. As a licensed supplier GSA helps customers to optimize their energy portfolio and offers tailored solutions. We manage directly energy procurement risks offering simplified and personalized practices.

Our know-how and experience makes possible to our customers to increase their energy efficiency, particularly, the energy efficiency in industrial areas.

Energy Trade

Starting by the end of the last millennium, after accurate analysis GSA identified in power sector one of the most strategic sector for the future country development as well as the main target of the company for the present and the future.

At the light of this GSA founded its Energy Trading Team, team which planned out and timed with accuracy our company trading platform for the consolidation of GSA position on Albanian Electricity Market (AEM).

As one of the most active market participants in the AEM, GSA Ltd operated in close relations with international partners and contributed on the consolidation of the wholesale and cross-border electricity market in Albania.

Energy Management Solutions

Volatile prices and high demand are two main factors that make difficult operating in energy market incrementing the risk of energy management for businesses.

GSA Ltd offers to its customers tailored solutions for their energy business needs. Our flexible trading strategy and individual approach make possible to offer tailored energy management solutions to our business partners.

Acting directly in energy procurement and management segments GSA assumes energy procurement risks and limits its partner’s exposure to potential portfolio risks offering individual and personalized solutions. These solutions aim to increase our partners’ energy efficiency, their energy utility as well as their energy cost effectiveness.